Pope Wines & Liquors

Written by Nicole Romano. Posted in About Pope Wines & Liquors

When my father, Al Romano, was discharged from the navy, he worked for South Shore Beverage in Seaford. After that, he worked for Wantagh Drug Sundry, which was owned by his father's best friend. The pharmacist, Marty, had told my father that liquor licences were open.  My father and Marty decided to apply for a license and became partners in a liquor store. Marty was a silent partner and my father ran the business.

Within the year, my father bought Marty out of the business and became the sole proprietor of Pope Liquors. Our original location was on Horseblock Road in Medford, until the shopping center on Route 112 was built, where we remain today.

Many people ask how the the name "Pope" came about. Originally, my father had chosen the name "Eagle Liquors" because the original location was behind Eagle Estates. While at the store one day, he received a call from his lawyer stating that the name was already taken. As he was talking, on the television in front of him was the Pope stepping off the plane on his first visit to America. My father immediately decided to name it Pope Liquors.

Nicole Romano 
President - Pope Liquors, Inc.